The Sammie Saulsbury Continuing Education Scholarship

The West Monroe High School Foundation, through the generous funding from Ms. Sammie Saulsbury, will give teachers an opportunity to receive a scholarship to help fund continuing education in order to become certified in a particular subject area or in order to pursue a graduate degree to improve knowledge and expertise in a particular discipline. We know that some teachers would like to take courses to expand and update their knowledge in order to better serve their students. The dollar amount of tuition required to enroll in these classes is prohibitive for many teachers, making taking these classes, at the least, a financial hardship and, at most, an impossibility.

The purpose of the Foundation's scholarship is twofold. First, scholarship money would assist teachers in pursuing coursework that would make them more qualified to teach their students. Students would surely benefit from being under the tutelage of teachers who have attained further knowledge in their subject area. The second purpose involves one of the goals of the Foundation, which is to assist in West Monroe High School's regaining rank as an "A" school. Students' test scores are one of the determinants of this ranking. Because students would receive instruction from these teachers who had furthered their knowledge and ability, students' scores should, in turn, improve, thereby improving the overall school score.

With these goals in mind, the Foundation will award up to six $1,000 scholarships each school year to teachers who meet the necessary criteria and who complete the required application. The scholarships will be awarded in two cycles with three to be awarded in the fall and three in the spring.

The following stipulations for receiving a scholarship are addressed in the :

  • Applicant must have been accepted into the institution of his/her choice

  • Applicant must provide information as to his/her financial commitment to the program being pursued

  • Applicant must agree to continue teaching at WMHS for at least three years foloowing completion of the course for which the scholarship is used

  • Applicant must agree to reimburse the Foundation for the full amount of the scholarship if he/she leaves WMHS before the three year teaching requirement is fulfilled, or if he/she withdraws from or fails the course for which the scholarship is used


Sammie Saulsbury Scholarship


4/1-4/30 application dates, winners announced by 5/15


10/1-10/31 application dates, winners announced by 11/15


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